Cinderella School of Ballet in Prague

4.12.2012 - Autumn 2012 - photo by Alexej Malcev


We offer children ballet preparation classes. Girls and boys from 4 years are invited to participate in this early learning dancing oportunity. Our programme is based on a simple ballet exercises yet effective method of playfully dancing. Each lesson is guided by the careful and knowledgable presence of a professional dance instructor who can open the vocabulary of the classical ballet movements to your child.

The ballet as the artistic direction, the children learn step by step. The preparatory department, the instruction clearly indicates whether it is suitable for your baby like music and dance direction. Our instructors are established Ballet soloists from the prestigeous Prague National Theatre and are educated in English, French and Russian.

Výuka baletu pro děti od čtyř let - foto z kurzů 2013

Do You observe at your child an interest in dancing? You are welcome to Entry meeting for BALLET CLASSES FOR CHILDREN FROM 4 YEARS on the 15th of june at 4 - 5 pm at Ballet studio in Českomalínská 35, Prague 6. Please confirm your Attendance in advance to address together the name and date of birth of the child.


We offer dance classes for adults as well, not just for kids! Here you can learn methods of movement or refine existing techniques that allow you express yourself through wide spectrum of ways that explore motion, form, time and space.

You may or may not become the next Baryshnikov, but our classes are designed for anyone who has had a dream and has ever since loved the expressive language of Ballet.

So join us: find that correct stance, perfect that technique,
or simply stretch yourself together with us in a community of people like you who enjoy the poetry of movement to music. It doesn't matter how old are. You can only learn how to demonstrate "demi - plié". Although the adult ballet classes are conducted in Czech,
our professional Ballet instructors can communicate in English.

Výuka baletu pro dospělé - foto z kurzů 2013

Ballet Dress for Adults:

Ballet dress is not obligatory for this class. Practice clothing should be comfortable, neat, clean, and close fitting. A teacher cannot accurately correct a student without seeing all parts
of the silhouette.

Sessions for Adults

Ballet classes for Adults take place every Thursday from 6:30
to 8:00 p.m.

NEWS - This year we also teach Dancing on point shoes as a part of Ballet education for Adults!!! All classes are accompanied by live piano.

Tanec na špičkách - foto 2013

Dance on point shoes is top of the Ballet Art. Standing on tip toes is possible thanks to the sophisticated shape and technology of the shoes. Making your first steps on point shoes demands a special methodical preparation. Introducing this technique to students is major advance for everyone. We follow all the medical reccomendations not to teach the aforementioned to girls younger than 10 years.


Stage experience is a great motivation and confidence builder for children and a reflection of their course work. This enables participants the opportunity to learn and grow through a theatre experience. Several times a year we perform at various events in the school Emy Destinnove as well as regular guest performers for seniors in Pelle s villa under the patronage of the Municipal Office of Prague 6. The end of school term features a ballet performance by all the students in the real theater, generally with guest performances by leading soloists of the National Theatre in Prague! In 2012/2013 Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty for example performed by all students.

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Cinderella School of Ballet
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